Zanzibar Island
Unguja Island, popularly known as Zanzibar, stretches about 95 kms fro North to South is located 35 kms from the mainland Tanzania.

Few countries in the world can equal Zanzibar’s long fine sand beaches, which lead into warm aquamarine waters and provide the backdrop for excellent diving and snorkelling. With a history stepped in the slave trade and an important trading post for cloves and spices the island is now a popular tourist destination and essentially a 19th century phenomenon.

Zanzibar’s old quarter, usually called the Stone Town, is fascinating maze of narrow streets and alleyways which lead past numerous old houses and mosques, ornate palaces, and shops and bazaars. Many buildings in the Stone Town date from the 15th –century slave boom.
There are shuttle buses, taxis and car rentals from the airport to the city centre.
Walking is the easiest way to get around Zanzibar Town. Buses, pick-up vans and taxis are available. You can also hire bikes and motor scooters, but in general in the Stone Town vicinity walking is by far the most enjoyable method of getting around.